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The Sullust System (courtesy of James Anderson's Bungo & Rusti webcomic)
Sullustan Space

Planet Type: Terrestial
Climate: Superheated
Terrain: Mountains, volcanoes, rocky deserts, caves
Atmosphere: Toxic (surface), breathable (underground)
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 12,780 km
Length of Day: 20 standard hours
Length of Year: 263 standard days
Sentient Species: Sullustans
Languages: Basic, Sullustese/Sullustan
Population: 18.5 billion
Species Mix: 96% Sullustan, 2% Human, 1% Bith, 1% Other
Government: Corporate
Major Exports: Starships, computers, droids, hyperdrive and astrogation technology
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, water
System/Star: Sullust
Points of Interest: Byllurun aka SoroSuub Headquarters, Piringiisi, LavaRide Enterprises, Sulon, SoroSuub R&D, Fulluusub

Planets Type Moons
Sullumun Gas Giant 18
Lununmo Gas Giant 34
Sululluub Asteroid Field N/A
Sullust Terrestial 2
Mumunubb* Ice ball 0
Munumubb* Ice Ball 0
*These planetoids share an orbit


The planet Sullust



As a barren, volcanic world smothered by a highly toxic atmosphere, the planet Sullust doesn't appear habitable.  But beneath its rocky surface live millions of wide-eyed Sullustans, an alien race that has given birth to the SoroSuub Corporation.

Sullustans are affable, gregarious creatures who stand around 1.5 meters tall and are known for their jowled faces and chattering language.  Their subterranean cities are highly advanced and startlingly beautiful, wealthy sightseers from halfway across the galaxy tour Sullust and visit the hot-springs resort of Piringiisi.  Dank breeding farms produce edible delicacies such as drutash grubs, but most foodstuffs are grown on the agricultural moon of Sulon.

Evolving in a network of dark, mazelike warrens imbued the species with an unfailing sense of direction.  Once a Sullustan has traveled a path, the way is never forgotten.  This innate skill even extends to hyperspace, making Sullustans prized as star navigators and explorers.

SoroSuub, one of the galaxy's largest manufacturing conglomerates, is based on Sullust and employs half the population in its production and packaging departments.  The company makes hundred of products, from battle armour and C1 Comlinks to the 501-Z Police Droid.

As an enthusiastic supporter of the Empire, SoroSuub has become the "official provider of the Empire's security gear" and a multi-billion credit enterprise supplying a virtual who's who list of planetary governments and agencies.


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The official provider of the Empire's security gear.


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